Does your online boyfriend really love you if he is jealous?

Have you ever thought how much time you spend using the internet? According to the statistics conducted by the British scientists an average person who lives in a modern city spends at least 3 hours per day on some web sites. However, human beings don’t do the same things when they are online. While some individuals choose clothes they are eager to order on an online store, others are looking for their true destiny. For those people who want to meet a lover several services have been developed recently, and a video chat is one of the most beneficial of them. Such a website allows citizens of different countries to communicate with each other only using a camera on their laptops or mobile phones. Video chats are more popular than messengers because it’s possible to see how your interlocutor looks like.

However, an internet relationship is not the same as a connection in real life because people behave in a different way when they are online. But one thing in common between the two ways of dating is jealousy. To find out if a person who feels it to you is in love with you read the article.

Why does your partner become jealous?


A lot of people believe that jealousy shows that partners are in love with each other. However, such a thought is a myth because those people who feel such a feeling are mentally unhealthy. A jealous person wants his partner to prove that there is no need to doubt that one won’t betray him. That is why he needs to read his partner’s messages and know about his contacts.

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A jealous person acts in such a way because he is afraid that his partner isn’t fully in love with him. He worries that one day his lover will leave him, and he will be alone.

Is jealousy dangerous?


Some people love when their partner does not fully trust them due to the fact that their lover doesn’t forget about him in any situation.

However, sometimes such a feeling can get too far. In some cases people can take their lovers as their belongings. They can become not only jealous but also make them behave in a way that they want them to act.

But in some situations people get jealous not only because they are afraid to get lonely but also because they are eager to belie their lover in disloyalty. To sum up, jealousy is one of the feelings that most people feel to their partner. If you understand that you are that person who is jealous, you need to think if you really love your online boyfriend.

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