Experts Investigate How Much of a Threat Bumble is to the Match Group

Written by Luke Smith

Match Group is the dominant, most well known, and biggest player in online dating. The Nasdaq-top-100 named empire owns the likes of Tinder,, Hinge, OkCupid, and Plenty of Fish.

The Match Group is on course for an IPO in early 2021 at a value of somewhere in the region of $6-8 billion, and stocks have risen by over 1000% since it’s initial IPO in 2015.

However, financial experts The Motley Fool has been investigating whether the Match Group should be concerned about a challenge from dating competitor Bumble…

Investigating the two dating giants in terms of members, subscriptions, history, and investment potential, the investigation looks into comparing the two dating platforms side by side:

Read the full investigation here:

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